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Vocal Arts unlimited

Norm Boaz

Norm Boaz

The Vocal Arts Unlimited Voice Studio is dedicated to training and improving the singing and speaking voice.


SINGERS at all levels of ability are welcome, from professionals to beginners. Style and performance coaching is taught for classical, jazz, pop/rock/contemporary, musical theater, country, etc.


SPEAKERS will improve their speaking voice in any environment including public speaking, company training, acting, sales, office staff, voiceovers, telemarketing, etc.  There are also tremendous benefits to improving your voice in day-to-day conversation for connection, confidence and influence.


Through professional lessons, you'll develop your vocal skills to new heights.  

Your performance level will soar.

Sing and speak with confidence

Voice Lessons can help anyone

Invest in your voice today!


  • Posture

  • Breath support

  • Projection and Power

  • Tone quality and placement

  • Diction-Vowels and Articulation

  • Range development

  • Inflection in singing styles and speech

  • Performance coaching

  • Audition preparation

  • Expressive Reading

  • Voiceover training

  • Voice improvisation and sight-reading is also available.

  • "Exercises for Singing" CD and Training Page

Training Areas

Norm Boaz

M A K E   Y O U R   V O I C E   C O U N T