M A K E   Y O U R   V O I C E   C O U N T

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Norm Boaz

•  Warm up the voice


•  Loosen up the body


•  Correct breathing and breath support


•  Water - not iced when singing or speaking. Stay hydrated throughout

   the day

•  Be aware that air-conditioning has a drying effect


•  Don't clear your throat. Use a gentle, supported cough, drink

   water, swallow.


•  Avoid pulpy juices or phlegm-producing liquids


•  Don't smoke


•  Don't yell or scream. Learn to shout correctly when necessary.


•  Humming is healthy for the voice


•  Good health practices - Nutrition, Quality Supplements, Exercise, Rest


•  Be aware of your allergies, if any.



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Best practices for vocal health

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