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SpeakFluence Testimonials

M A K E   Y O U R   V O I C E   C O U N T

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Dear Norm,


I thoroughly enjoyed your SpeakFluence course.  Not only was the material presented in an engaging, entertaining, and well organized fashion, it was also incredibly informative and increased my awareness of the effect that vocal quality can have on the effectiveness of my communication with others.  I have been able to put many of the techniques and exercises to good use immediately, and will continue to use the materials you provided to improve my skills in this most important, yet often neglected, area.  Using these tools, I find that I am already a more effective communicator in all areas of life.  Thank you.


–  Mark

I recently attended Norm Boaz's SpeakFluence workshop. The content and presentation exceeded my expectations. That inspired me to continue personal lessons with him. Now, with his help, the problem has been identified and he is supporting me to overcome it.


– Rama

Norm ~ your training was filled with priceless nuggets. The voice training was awesome. You covered some key topics and made a difference in a short amount of time. That was cool when the room unanimously voted for you to continue teaching because AHA’s were taking place. Thank you.


– Terri

Holy smokes, Norm, what a powerful, informative and FUN training. It's a real testament to the teacher when the students have been sitting on hard hotel chairs for 4 hours and still ask you to stay overtime and teach them more. That was really wonderful. There is an old Chinese saying that says, "A teacher for a day, is like a parent for a lifetime." You, my friend, are now officially "Dad".  


– Skip

Dear Norm: I went to your training today and I must say, it was phenomenal.  I am so grateful you were there today, because you taught me so much in so little time.  (I took diligent notes so I won't forget.)  What I admired about you the most is your poise, as well as your command of the English Language; it was so inspiring.


– Andrew

Thank YOU Norm... For your insight, wisdom, caring nature!

So many tools to learn and absorb!

Thank you for inviting me to the class.


– Jasmine

Norm, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful training!! I truly enjoyed it.


– Dinorah

Thanks Norm,


I really got a lot out of the classes! I am now aware of vocal things I never realized before.

You put so much effort into each session which left me thinking about exercises during the week. I like the fact that you gave us assignments to take home to continue practicing going forward.


Very beneficial,

– Darlene

Thanks for offering the class Norm! I had a wonderful time and I learned a great deal of information about the instrument we call our voice.


– Matt

Hi Norm!

I was totally inspired by your presentation at the last Speaker's Bureau. I will be seeking some individual sessions and mentorship with you. Much gratitude for what you do!



–  Jawanza

Thank you so much!! The workshop was incredible and I'm so thankful to have you in my life. I learned a lot and appreciate your knowledge and enthusiasm. Thank you for your notes. I'm gonna post them and read through them before I talk :)

Thank you again!!!


–  Lindsay