M A K E   Y O U R   V O I C E   C O U N T

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Norm Boaz

Norm Boaz

M A K E   Y O U R   V O I C E   C O U N T

Private voice lessons for all levels of singers and speakers - Professionals to beginners

Singing workshops for groups of any kind including private vocal groups, church choirs, and the general public

Improve your voice Explore workshops Speak effectively Group of people Microphone Talking

~ SING with power, beauty and range in any style ~

~ SPEAK with interest, impact and influence to any audience ~


You'll see results when you entrust your voice training to NORM BOAZ.

Norm has over 40 years of experience as a voice teacher, conductor,

clinician, adjudicator, composer, and professional singer.


Whether you are already a professional, or just starting to develop your voice,

or somewhere in between, I can help you take your singing or

speaking voice to the next level.


Workshops and private lessons for singers or speakers accomplish powerful results. Please enjoy the information on this website and feel free to call or e-mail me anytime to

discuss your particular needs or interests.


Workshops for speakers, business professionals, actors, and any individuals who wish to speak fluently and influentially